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We live in a rural area and don't get very good phone reception.  So the best form of contact is by email.  We can then get back to you when we are in an area with good service.  If you do call, please leave a message (we don't always receive our messages until we get in an area with good service) and we will return your call as soon as possible.  We are available by appointment only.  If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment please have the courtesy to let us know.  We have a busy schedule and typically have to arrange our own schedule to meet with you.  Thank you.


We try to keep our pups priced reasonably for companion and hunting homes.  Shipping is additional and is usually around $400.  All puppies are sold on limited registration unless otherwise arranged prior to sale. 

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration shall be ineligible to be entered in a licensed or member dog show. It is eligible, however to be entered in any other licensed AKC event such as obedience, tracking, field trials, hunting test, herding, lure coursing, agility and earth dog events. Limited Registration can be changed to full registration only by the litter owner, which is myself.  Limited Registration helps breeders protect their breeding programs.

We strive to breed AKC Labrador Retriever puppies that make wonderful family companions and will also have tremendous drive and natural ability in the field and presence in the show ring .  We also breed our dogs to have calm demeanors.  Puppies are very socialized and introduced to pheasant wings prior to leaving, have been through a worming program and will be up to date on their vaccinations (they receive their first parvo vaccination at 4 weeks and first five way vaccination at 6 weeks).  They also go with a written two year health guarantee which you can view by clicking on the link above.  We accept $200 deposits to hold a puppy.  All deposits are non refundable.  If there is not a puppy of the sex/color you placed the deposit for on the litter your deposit will be moved to the next available litter.  When placing a deposit we ask that you specify the sex/color of the puppy you are interested in.  First deposit placed gets first pick, second deposit gets second pick and so on.  All deposits are non-refundable.  We ask that the balance be paid by the time the puppy is six weeks.  

Please keep in mind that FOX RED puppies go through several color changes as they mature.  They start out quite dark and then lighten a lot at a couple of weeks of age.  They will then darken again at about a few months.  They often lighten and darken one more time after that before their final adult coat comes in at about 10 months or so.

With today's economy we have been forced to charge TAX on our puppies.  We had previously taken the loss when paying it in, but we simply can't afford to do so any more.  So please add 5.5% to the total cost of the puppy/shipping. 

 We feel we need to address a few issues.  Please do not ask us to lower our prices.  Our puppies are priced at what they are and we are not a flea market.  There are many more expenses involved in a kennel and in raising a litter than people are aware of and it is not a money making business but more a passion.  I am sure you would not appreciate your employer asking you to accept a partial pay check.  We do sometimes lower the price on the last couple of puppies or if a puppy is a bit older if we feel it is necessary.  But those older puppies are typically very close to being potty trained along with starting other basic commands.

Please do not ask us for additional photos of puppies.  We appreciate that you enjoy our photos and we try to update photos every two weeks and more often if possible.  It requires at least two people to take photos and is extremely time consuming.  We typically spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes trying to get photos of each puppy.  On a litter of eight puppies that is 160-320 minutes, or close to three to four hours.  Then they need to be cropped and down sized, placed on the website with descriptions and uploaded, which can take another one to two hours depending on the size of the litter. 

We have several litters due in the near future and are now accepting deposits.  Please see our PLANNED LITTERS page for more information.

Quip and Max blessed us with seven beautiful puppies Aug 16, 2014.  These puppies are champion sired (Max is CAN CH AM CH Pt'd) and will be amazing!  Beautiful expression, tons of bone and substance, thick otter tails, beautiful coats, nice laid back temperaments, intelligent...the entire package!  $1300-1500

We have reduced the price on the last couple of puppies to $600.  They are doing wonderfully with potty training and are using the doggie door consistently.


The puppies were enjoying a nice day outside with some friends!


No Collar Female 12 Weeks.


Orange Collar Female 12 Weeks.


Pink Collar Female 12 Weeks.


Red Collar Female 12 Weeks.


Max, sire of puppies.


Quip, dam of puppies.


Roman, grandsire of puppies dam's side.


Quiz, grand dam of puppies dam's side..


Maverick, grandsire of puppies sires side.


Wizard, great grandsire sire's side.


Justice, great grandsire dam's side.

Haze and Intel welcomed six beautiful fox red puppies Aug 28, 2014 with four females and two males.  These are going to be amazing with beautiful expressive over done heads, tons of substance and bone, thick otter tails, beautiful coats and nice laid back temperaments.  Haze is a daughter to our own Ticker and Flame.  Their pedigree contains some greats such as CH Avalon's Law And Order, CH Avalon's Hellraiser (one of the top ten stud dogs in the US three years in a row) and  CH Ghoststones Louie Downtown CD to name a few.  $1300-1500

One beautiful dark yellow/light red female available...$1000


No collar female ten weeks.


Ticker...grand dam of puppies...dam's side


Flame...grandsire of puppies...dam's side.


Elmo...grandsire of puppies...sire's side.

Eclipse and Traveler have one light cream shaded yellow male available.  This little fella had a home but due to a family situation he has returned to us.  He is ten weeks old and doing wonderful with his potty training.  He is such a snuggler and wants to be involved in what ever you are doing at all times.  $1000



Taboo and Truman welcomed seven beautiful light cream shaded yellow puppies Oct 8, 2014.  These puppies will be very laid back and will be stunning!  They will have beautiful expressive heads, tons of bone, thick otter tails...perfect examples of the English style lab.  $1200


Black collar male three weeks.


Blue collar male three weeks.


Orange collar male three weeks.


No collar male three weeks.


Pink collar female three weeks.


Red collar female three weeks.


No collar female three weeks.


Montana, grandsire of puppies...sire's side.


Quip, grand dam of puppies...sire's side.


Max (CAN CH AM CH PT'D Piney Creek's Maximum Exposure), grandsire of puppies...dam's side.


Ginger, grand dam of puppies...dam's side.


Roman, great grandsire of puppies...dam's side.


Quiz, great grand dam of puppies...dam's side.


Moonlights Mirror Image, great grandsire of puppies...sire's side.

Banjo (daughter to Koala and Flame) and Firefly welcomed two black males, one yellow (fox red) male and two yellow (fox red) females Oct 25, 2014.  We are very excited about this litter as they will be perfect examples of the english style lab with beautiful expression, tons of substance and nice laid back temperaments.  $1000-1500

Puppy photo coming soon!


Flame, grandsire on dam's side.


Koala, grand dam on dam's side.


King, grandsire on sire's side.


Ginger, grand dam on dam's side.

Heart Breaker and Archer welcomed four beautiful black puppies Oct 26, 2014.  We are extremely excited about this litter.  They will have amazing expression, tons of substance, beautiful coats, thick otter tails, laid back temperaments...perfect examples of the English style lab.  They will be on the larger side with females maturing to 85+ pounds and males 100+ pounds.  Their pedigree hold some greats such as CH Simmerdown's Dr Pepper and CH Tabitha Sport.  They will be ready to go to their new homes Dec 19, 2014.  $1200. 


Puppies two days old.


Grand dam on sire's side.


Grandsire on sire's side.


Grand dam on dam's side.


Great grand dam...dam's side.


Great grandsire...sire's side.


We also have a couple adults available that can be seen on our Adults page.


To pay with paypal click the link below.  You do not need to have a paypal account to do so.  Just a credit card.

When paying with paypal please add 3% to cover the fees they charge me on my end along with 5.5% sales tax.  Thank you.


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